Thursday, 31 May 2012

News : Lots of nice new Models from Forged in Battle


A quick post im afraid.
A real focus on Paratroopers from Forged in Battle this time round


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Models : More Pike & Shotte

Another unit of Ironsides completed.  Ive also managed to paint my second Infanty Commander (just in need of its flag) and my General.  Dragoons and Heavy Cannon next I think.

For anyone who hasn't tried Pike & Shotte, you really should if your interested in the English Civil War, 30 Years War or Italian Wars.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Models : Second Unit of Pike and Shotte, and a Cannon

My second unit of Pike and Shotte is done, and ive managed to paint my medium guns as well, photos included blow.

Unit of Pike and Shotte

Medium Gun

The army is slowly coming together, but I still have to paint a large pike block, 2 Musket Units, a Storming Party, 2 Large Cannon, a unit of Ironsides, a unit of mounted and dismounted Dragoons, plus another unit of Ironsides which is nearly done.


Games : Pike & Shotte - Parliament v err Parliament

Game of Pike and Shotte

Link attached from Grand Scale Wargaming which talks about my game with Jason.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Models : A couple more units for Pike and Shotte

I have posted below pictures of a couple more units from my Pike and Shotte Early Parliament Army.

Hoping to add a Battle Report soon as Jason and I had a cracking game the other night.

Small Unit of Commanded Shotte

My Second Unit of Pike

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Models : 10mm Parliament Army for Pike and Shotte

I know this isn't WW2 related but this is my latest Project.

I have had a 10mm Parliment Army from Pendraken for quite awhile (highly recommended models), but have never been able to find a decent rule set to use them with, but the other week I played Jason of Grand Scale Wargaming fame at Warlords Pike & Shotte and fell in love with it almost imediately.

The game is ment to be played at 28mm really but there are conversion tables in the back of the book for using smaller scales.

We have decided between us that we would use the following sizes for units:

Pike Blocks - 40 x 40mm
Large Pike Blocks - 60 x 40 mm
Shotte - 40 x 20mm
Commanded Shotte - 40 x 20mm
Large Commanded Shotte - 80 x 20mm
Cav Units - 60 x 40mm
Medium Cannons - 40 x 20mm
Large Cannons - 40 x 40mm

My Army currently consists of:

Infantry Commander
Cavalry Commander
2 x Pike & Shotte Units
1 x Large Pike & Shotte Units
1 x Commanded Shotte Unit
1 x Large Commanded Shotte Unit
1 x Firelock Storming Party

2 x Medium Cannon
2 x Large Cannon

4 x Cavalry Units
1 x Currassier Unit
1 x Dragoon Unit (Mounted and Dismounted)

I've added a few photos below to show what I have done so far:

Unit of Currassiers

2 Units of Ironsides

Unit of Pike & Shotte


Large Unit of Commanded Shotte

Cavalry and Infantry Commanders