Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Late War German Army for Sale

I'm trying to stream line my collection, and I've decided to concentrate on my Russians for Late War, so I'm selling the following 1500+ point Late War German army for Blitzkrieg Commander.

The army consists of :

5 Panther Tanks (Plastic Soldier Company).
1 Panther disguised as a American M10 Tank Destroyer (Forged in Battle).
6 Units of Infantry (Plastic Soldier Company).
1 disguised StuG III Assault Gun (Forged in Battle).
3 MG42 Machine Gun Units (Plastic Soldier Company).
1 CO (made from PSC infantry and a Flames of War Scenic Base).
2 Hanomag Troop Transports (Forged in Battle) useable as HQ's.

All models based with magnetic bottoms. All unpainted!

£40 + £5 p&p (only Paypal accepted)

UK Sale Only

Photos of the PSC Panthers and FiB Panzer Group 150 Panther shown on previous posts.
If your interested drop me a line at: NOW SOLD



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