Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Models : House of York Army for Warmaster Medieval

I have been getting into Warmaster a little of late, which is typical of me now Warhammer Historical have gone for a Burton.

I invested in 1250pts of models from Pendraken, and the army consists of the following

Richard III
2 Lords
4 Units of Shire Longbow
3 Units of Shire Bill
1 Unit of Dismounted Knights
1 Unit of Mounted Knights
1 Unit of Pike
1 Heavy Cannon
2 Units of Peasants
2 Units of Irish
1 Unit of Shock Cavalry
1 Unit of Handgunners

The first model I have painted is my Heavy Cannon, photo below:

The models from Pendraken are really nice, I can highly recommend.



  1. Nice one Robb :-) We could give HC ago with WM armies, played well last time I played and would make it easier for others at the club to get a game?


  2. Hi Jas

    Yeah, sounds good to me!