Sunday, 9 September 2012

News : OPEN FIRE! - New Starter Set for Flames of War

Now anyone who knows me knows I have never actually played Flames of War and that I am very much a Blitzkrieg Commander Boy, but having seen the new Starter Set from Battle Front I am very tempted.

Open Fire Should be released in October and will be about £50.

The box includes all of the models shown on the back of the box, including the V1 on Launcher and cardboard Buildings.  The box also includes a mini rule book as well.

The model content appears to be:

6 British Shermans

2 British Fireflys
Company of American Airbourne
3 StuG III G's
2 PAK 40 Anti Tank Guns 
Company of German Infantry

The Photos below show just how nice the new Battle Front Plastic models actually are.

Looking forward to getting this set and giving FOW a go, and at the end of the day, if i'm not impressed, I can always use them for BKC.


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