Saturday 4 February 2012

Games : Blitzkrieg Commander Game - 02/02/12

January 1945 – Eastern Front

Scenario 4 Deliberate Attack

Jason and Simon and Oli – 2000 points Late War Germans – Defenders

Robb and Justin – 3000 points Late War Russians – Attackers

This is a set-piece attack with the aim of capturing a terrain feature such as a hill, village, or a area of a town or city. The attacker has 50% more points available than the defender and may purchase assets for scheduled artillery and air support. The defender deploys first up to the table centre, may purchase one artillery asset per off table artillery unit, and may purchase field defences for fixed defence. The attacker should deploy opposite the defender using static deployment.

The attacker should occupy the objective within 12 turns to achieve a minor victory and within 9 turns to achieve a major victory. The game is limited to 12 turns with the attacker taking the first turn.

The German High Command    


The German defensive line starting their left and moving right

the centre, the hub of the German defense

and on the right, mostly infantry

All good positions, using cover but IMHO the tanks were too close to the front (and in the case of the Tiger on the hill, too far back) and invited defeat in detail, which is precisely what the Russian plan was.

Russian attack, we decided to throw everything at the centre and overwhlem the German defenders. There was also a nice road taking us straight to the hill (our objective) at the back of the table.

The Russian forces were simple, just tanks with tank riders on the back (they would have looked silly being balanced on the back of the tanks, so you will have to imagine them).

The plan is going well with the IS2s heading down the road and already 2 German tanks are burning, whilst another has been suppressed and forced back from the hedge into the wood. The Tiger on the hill is shooting at us but has so far proved ineffective.

The plan goes horribly wrong when the advancing Russian tanks get their orders confused (roll a blunder) and instead turn on the road trying to destroy the German infantry but blocking the road and exposing themselves to flank and rear shots.

Its a mess, the Russian attack has stalled and under a hail of mortar fire and a German counter-attack (with the lone remaining PziV) Russian tanks are burning and the Russian infantry are being mown down by German machine guns.

But the hill is clear, the Tiger was hit, suppressed and forced to fall back, straight off the edge of the table. The Soviet objective is clear, all we have to do is get there.

Game over (I think it took 5 turns), we did not get to the objective but the casualties the Germans suffered meant that their forces broke and we won the day. On to bigger and better games next time.

Thanks to Justin for the photos and Battle Report.

It was an excellent game and im really looking forward to the next one.


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