Saturday, 4 February 2012

Models : French Army for Blitzkrieg Commander

Well after reading my mate Bishop Lords Grand Scale Gaming Blog I decided to have a go my myself and focus my effots on World War 2 Gaming.

I game at the CACK Wargames Club in Chorley, Lancashire , and a few of us play Blitzkrieg Commander as our WW2 game of choice.

So for my opening post I though I would share some photos of my Early War French Army.

HQ with 4 Laffy Truck Mounted Anti-Tank Guns, 2 47mm Anti-Tank Guns and Tractors.

HQ with 3 Souma 35 Medium Tanks, 3 Infantry Units and a Hotchkiss Machine Gun.

HQ with 3 Mortars

CO with 3 Char B1 Heavy Tanks, 4 Infantry Units and 2 Machine Guns

Artillery Observer with 3 75mm Artillery Guns

All models used for this project are either Flames of War or Forged in Battle.

My next post will be my Late War Russian Army which I also finished recently.

Thanks for looking


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