Friday, 17 February 2012

News : Wargames Factory 15mm Germans

It would appear that Wargames Factory are moving into WW2 minis.  Looking forward to seeing the models and hoping there better than their 28mm Dark Age figures, which to be honest wouldn't be hard.

From there announcement:

Wargames Factory announces 15MM WWII Germans!!!

We are always in the midst of designing new sets and are very enthused to share news of our latest and soon to be released kit- 15MM World War II Germans! The kit will contain 84 single-part figures complete with bases & will retail for $19.95.

These figures are being cast right now and our team is blown away by the high level of detail we were able to capture in these little guys! Stay tuned for more photos and information soon- we believe you will be just as excited about these new miniatures as we are.

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