Monday, 6 February 2012

Models : Red Army for BKC

Well as mention previously here is my Russian Army for BKC.  The initial plan was a late war army, but ive decided to make it cover the entire war.

So first up, my late War Heavy Tanks.  1 ISU-122 and 2 IS-2's (these are all Flames of War Models):

T34/85's, these also have interchangeable 76mm turrets (These models are from the Plastic Soldier Company and are really nice kits):

Six Infantry Units, 4 Maxin Machine Gun Teams and a SU-76 Assault Gun (The Infantry Units and SU-76 are Flames of War, the Maxim Teams are Forged in Battle):

3 Shermans (These models are from the Flames of War Starter Set):

2 Katayusha Rocket Artillery Trucks (These models are from Zvezda, they are clip together kits which are really nice and fit in well with the rest of the army):

And finally my Commanders:

So to make the army usable for Early War I have ordered Some KV-1's, BT-5's and T-26's from Zvezda.  I will post a review of those models once received, but if the Kats are anything to go be, they should be very nice.  


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